Burningwave Core: a Java frameworks building library

Tested on Java versions ranging from 8 to 17, Burningwave Core is a fully independent, advanced, free and open source Java frameworks building library and it is useful for scanning class paths, generating classes at runtime, facilitating the use of reflection, scanning the filesystem, executing stringified source code, iterating collections or arrays in parallel, executing tasks in parallel and much more…

Burningwave Core contains AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL CLASS PATHS SCANNER with which it’s possible to search classes by every criteria that your imagination can make by using lambda expressions. Scan engine is highly optimized using direct allocated ByteBuffers to avoid heap saturation; searches are executed in multithreading context and are not affected by “the issue of the same class loaded by different classloaders” (normally if you try to execute “isAssignableFrom” method on a same class loaded from different classloader it returns false).



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